Empowering women to discover and embody their unique version of optimal health by enhancing their diet and lifestyle, allowing them to thrive and achieve their health goals.

Let’s work together to help you thrive and feel your best!

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Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we’ll explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. As your coach, I will help keep you motivated and hold you accountable in your efforts to live a healthier more fulfilled life.


Your movement program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to improve your daily movement. As your coach, I will look at the body as one functional unit because everything is connected. I strive to address pain by treating the body as a whole.


You deserve time for self-care each week. In order to do that you have to put yourself first. My private one on one or group classes are much more than just moving from one pose to the next. This experience will bring you through a transformation from start to finish.

“Working with Robin was challenging in a way that I’ve never been challenged before. I would have much rather worked my body to physical exhaustion but by working with Robin, she has given me the tools I needed to have a proper recovery and prevention to my workouts. I have stopped lifting weights pretty much all together, and yet I feel stronger and have more muscular balance Robin is excellent at what she does and you can really see that she has a passion for helping other realize their body’s potential in a safe and effective way.”

-Rachel C.

Information is nothing without action and implementation

“I reached out to Robin with the hope that she could help me better understand what was causing my knee pain with a holistic approach…

Robin met with me, discussing not only what was causing me pain but sought to understand my lifestyle, goals, and concerns… She described the underlying anatomy and physiology of the techniques she taught me, helping me gain a full understanding of what we were doing and why… She then created a personalized daily routine that I could then follow on my own and made plans for progress check-ins…

After a couple weeks of following Robin’s plan, I could already feel such a difference in how my body moved and felt. As I added these new habits into my routine, I slowly began to ease back into normal physical activity. I was amazed and relieved when I could go back to work and return to activities like hiking, skiing, and running, and not experience any more knee pain!…

I appreciate the personalized experience I got while working with Robin, as well as her holistic approach in helping me reach my goals. I felt comfortable and supported throughout the entire process and have gained the knowledge and tools necessary to keep developing my movement and mobility journey.”

-Emily C.

Robin Knakkergaard

North Conway, NH
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