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Private yoga sessions are tailored to suit individual needs and requirements of the client. With one-on-one attention, the client can receive customized guidance to improve their practice, work on specific areas of the body, and incorporate mindfulness techniques. 

Private sessions allow the instructor to focus on the client’s goals, weaknesses, and strengths, creating a personalized experience. The private setting also eliminates distractions, and the client can ask questions and receive immediate feedback, resulting in faster progress. 

Private yoga can be particularly beneficial for those who have injuries, chronic illnesses, or anxiety, as the instructor can tailor a program to suit their specific needs. Additionally, private yoga is suitable for those who prefer a non-competitive environment and those who want to deepen their practice. 

Overall, private yoga provides a unique and fulfilling experience, which can lead to improved flexibility, mental clarity, and a sense of well-being.

Personalized Yoga + Meditation Packages for all wellness needs

Private Yoga

Online or in the comfort of your own home, designed around your goals

Private Yoga offers you one-on-one time for learning yoga or deepening your knowledge, developing practices that are just right for you.

I will work directly with you, to create a tailored plan that includes strength, balance, flexibility, and steadiness.  

Starting rate: $80.00 pp



Weddings | Corporate Gatherings | Bachelorette | Girls Weekend | Anniversaries | Retreats | And more!

Add a little magic to your celebration.

Starting rate: $40 pp

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