Movement coaching aims to correct movement dysfunction. We are built to move our bodies freely and without pain or discomfort. To demonstrate our movement, we create many different patterns and skill. Including running, jumping, rotating, climbing, lifting, balance and posture. We must create an awareness of our daily movement to ensure we develop healthy patterns that will support our favorite outdoor activities as well as our everyday life.

The Process

Session 1: Will be conducted in person and will consist of going over you inquiry, performing range of motion tests, followed by myofascial release techniques, and then a retest of your range of motion. From there I will provide you with strength and stretch exercises that you can implement into your weekly routine. 

Your Investment in yourself: $175.00 (one time fee)

Follow up: We can either continue working in person or we can proceed virtually. 

We will develop a strategy to work together once every 3 week or based on your needs.

Your Investment in yourself: $75.00 (per follow up)

Once you have scheduled your first appointment, you will receive a personal inquiry. This inquiry will give me a detailed back round of who you are and the pain or mobility limitations you might be experiencing.

What you need at home: a yoga mat, tennis ball or any type of yoga therapy balls.

(Discount code offered for myofascial release tools.)


Robin Knakkergaard

North Conway, NH
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